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96.9%* of visitors to your ecommerce site will not convert. That is a fact. Intelligent B2B lead generation has always been an internal tool. Not any more.
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SalesPeriod™ E-Commerce Version:
1. Professional Lead Generation Form
We create and host your professional lead generation form. We tweak it as you require and setup the form for SalesPeriod. You are given the option of rotating in another template style once every two months.
2. Google™ Adwords and Lead Gen Monitored Weekly
In order to get the highest quality, lowest cost leads, you must have the most optimized PPC Campaign. That's why we will setup your campaign and tweak it once per week along with your lead generation form, making changes where needed to assure your Adwords spend (whatever it is) is used most efficiently. In addition, we'll create a subdomain for your company to use in Adwords. And, we'll setup, configure and tweak (once per week) Google Analytics and Webmaster tools.
3. Connected Instantly with your prospective customers
Using our patent-pending Verisign-Secured SalesPeriod desktop application, you will receive lead generation submissions in about two seconds. Faster, more intelligent, and more sales-centric than any other system in the world. A true world's first crafted out of our need internally. It's worked for us, now let it work for you.
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